Front 2 teeth chipping away, this won't stop until you repair and address the cause, cosmetics are improved inexpensively. We did not have to remove any precious tooth structure.

Tooth was "repaired" at another dental office, old white filling was removed exposing decay under, now tooth is whole again.

We are going tooth by tooth, this one looks like is not restorable but quality materials and about an hour and experience this is the result, again no expensive crown work, some day a crown may be needed but for the moment, happy patient

If you look closely at the picture on the left you'll see the filling is cracked allowing for saliva seepage into the tooth causing decay. Patient happy for the Amalgam removal treatment and enhancing the looks of the tooth. After 1 hour nice results.

Ouch! Broken tooth, very common occurrence but luckily easy repair with bonding materials in one sitting and of course; No expensive crown work.

Another Amalgam Removal exposing hidden decay under, restored with Composite materials, patient happy with looks.

Typical decay under old fillings, patient did not notice the gradual degradation of old filling (Left picture) until we detected it. Upon removal (2nd Picture) of old filling large decay was present close to "The Nerve", luckily patient evaded a Root Canal because caries was detected on time, Happy camper with nice wholesome tooth again (3d picture).

This trauma to the neck of the tooth causes extreme sensitivity to drinking or eating cold foods, but not anymore!.

Whoa! Emergency case, but restored in 1 visit without removing tooth remnant. Patient does not feel embarrassed anymore to go to work same day, couple of hours work.


This procedures where performed at McCoy Dental office, many of them where Heroic Dentistry. Some photos where taken just after finishing the treatment, so please bear in mind that some blood may show.

Another "Extreme save". Old amalgam filling. Tooth cusp broke making tooth sensitive and sharp to the tongue, upon removal of rest of amalgam another cusp broke! Tooth is in serious trouble but we were able to restore it but probably will need a crown, time will tell. Patient happy because he avoided a Root Canal and a Crown (Expensive combo). No more popcorn for this guy!.

Tooth was severly decayed on back side. Had to do Root Canal in this one , restored without removing anymore precious Enamel and No expensive Crown made.

This was a young person with complete lack of dental care, the before picture also shows gum problem, the After picture shows better cosmetics and better gum condition, pat. shed some tears with these results. I almost shed some tears too seeing her happiness.

Old filling fell while eating, restored with strong nice looking materials.

Decay that went thru to the front of the tooth (Left picture), and restored invisibly (Right Picture).

Old amalgam filling. Cavity acting as food trap causing bad breath and bad taste, luckily Root Canal was avoided, procedure done very affordable in about an hour.

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Moderate erosion on neck of tooth, this problem is very common making teeth very sensitive to cold, was repaired with enamel like material preventing further tooth loss and sensitivity. Done in 1 hour.


  • ​Dental Cleanings​: Possibly one of the most important services in the dental area of prevention. It helps control bad breath, bad taste, bleeding of gums and whitens stained teeth.​​ As we go tooth by tooth it gives us a chance to check your teeth and gums very closely detecting hidden problems. Most of the times we use magnification for this. There are 2 types of dental cleanings: 1.- Prophylaxis; simple superficial cleaning, it usually takes 10 - 15 minutes and it's done with small rubber cup and some polishing paste. 2.- Deep Cleaning​: We use some very sharp instruments to remove the hard tartar that accumulates over time, after the Deep Cleaning we include the Prophylaxis to give your teeth that silky smooth feeling.
  • Teeth Whitening or Bleaching:​ You have several options for whitening​ including over the counter products, but the best one is professionally done by a dentist. We fabricate the Whitening Trays in our office giving them a custom fit, the better the fit the better the whitening.
  • Bonding:​ It mostly refers to tooth colored filling or chipped tooth repair without going into more expensive crown and bridge. The advantage of this materials is that we do not have to remove too much tooth structure compared to a Crown where massive amounts of tooth structure is typically removed. Tooth structure is precious because it does not grow back, so it makes sense to preserve as much as you can. Remember this: teeth have a lifetime of wear and abuse. (Please look at the gallery pictures below).
  • ​Missing tooth replacement:​ Several options here, from Dental Implants, Fixed bridges to Partial Dentures. Dental implants are best suited to a single tooth replacement or for anchoring loose Dentures, Partials are better suited when replacing several teeth at once and money is a concern, fixed bridges are the best option when your teeth are already too damaged and need to replace couple of teeth.
  • Dentures: ​When there are no teeth present this is the way to go. We have a dental laboratory on premises to do quick repairs and relines same day while you wait!
  • Tooth Extraction: If the tooth is non restorable this may be the best option or if expenses are a concern this is the ultimate inexpensive treatment to stop the problem or infection. Most of the times when a tooth is infected it infects the bone too, so removal of the tooth ends bone infection at the same time.
  • Endodontics​: Is the "Treatment of the Nerve" or ​Root Canal Therapy, this treatment is designed to keep your teeth for few more years​, it consists of removing the tissue inside the tooth that is causing pain and infection, sounds horrible but in actuality you feel nothing, the procedure is boring and a lot of people fall asleep!
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